Branding Solutions

Crafting your unique uniform is a versatile process with numerous design options to explore. Our array of branding services includes embroidery, heat printing, badges, sublimation printing, and alterations, all designed to elevate your customisations and bring your uniform vision to life.

Let your uniform represent your brand with custom branding.


Embroidering uniforms infuses professionalism and personal touch. Brand designs and logos are stitched into the fabric, amplifying its visual impact while effectively representing the wearer or the organisation.

Embroidery can be applied to almost all fabrics and garment styles. Bring your branding to the next level with our expert embroidery services.

Digital Printing

Printed designs on uniforms provide a modern and vivid customization choice, where designs, logos, and lettering are transferred onto the fabric through a combination of heat and pressure. This technique guarantees a pristine and resilient application.

We can transform your design into a heat-set print and apply to your uniform garments for an eye-catching outcome.


Sublimation designs offer more creativity and freedom as the perfect choice for particularly intricate or larger designs. Elevate your brand's image with custom uniforms that are visually striking and make a lasting impression on your team and clients alike.

Improve your brand's identity with sublimated uniforms that proudly represent your brand.

Labels & Badges

Woven labels and custom badges can effectively showcase your logo and communicate your brands tone, as well as key information like your company name. Adding these can also extend the life of your uniform as it opens up the chance to re-purpose or reuse the garment simply by removing the label or badge.

Enhance the appeal of your staff uniforms with custom made woven labels and badges.

To find out more, or to start setting up your custom branding, get in touch with our team today.
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